ATBU Bauchi: “Salamat Aliyu call our parents two hours before she die”

Sister of one of di students wey die afta bridge collapse for Abubakar Tarawa Balewa University for Bauchi, North East Nigeria, Rahimat Aliyu tell BBC on Wednesday say her sister Salamat Aliyu call dia parents two hours before she die asking say make dem pray for her for her exam di following day.

Rahimat na di eldest in a family of five while Salamat wey dey study Chemistry Education 200 level for di university na number four she be.

“As she dey go read for class she call my parents saying make dem pray for her regarding her exam di next morning, na about two hours later the collapse happun.”

“Wetin happun be say as dem dey read for night class na im rain start so di bridge na link back to dia hostel.”

“Dis na di most painful ting wey don happun to me for my life, i neva lose pesin very close to me before so I no know how di feeling be until now.”

Mubarak Abbaswey be President for Faculty of Education Students Association for di school na im call Rahimat afta di incident and at first e no tell her say her sister don die.

“At first Abbas no free tok because to break dis kain news to pesin family dey hard but afterwards na im e tell me because we don dey try her number and e no gree enter, all of us dey very down at the moment but my sister na good pesin and we pray for her soul to find rest.”

“Personally I chat wit her for WhatsApp two days before di incident wia she ask me for advice on something wey dey disturb her and I guide her.”

On whether Rahimat dey blame goment or university authority for her sister death, she say no, dat as Muslim she believe say na her sister time to die reach and nothing more.

” I no blame goment or school authority for her death because I accept say na her time to die reach if not she for no die. Some Pipo don dey even tok of legal action against di school but our family no get dat one for mind.”

Salamat Aliyu corpse go Kogi State North Central Nigeria after di parents go Bauchi to collect am and dem bury di promising 20 year old on Wednesday according to Islamic way.

” She dey always tok say she no fit wait to finish university and start to work but apparently God get different plan for her.” Dis na how Rahimat end di tok with BBC.

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