Book Lovers Day: Reading fit improve your mental health?

Wen di going get though, di tough go… read?

E fit feel like say dis tok no make sense, but to sidon read beta book fit be di best tin wey you fit do for yoursef.

So how food fit make you re-balance ya sef? More dan dat, na good opportunity to escape from reality, in fact e make sense pass any oda opportunity.

Dis na wetin happun wen BBC do panel of ‘bibliotherapists’ – sabi pipo wey dey use books as part of treatment – wit ogbonge recommendations to calm trouble soul.

Way to escape

You fit travel di world witout even leaving your home

So, na how book fit make you balance yoursef again? Well! “wit film or TV show,” bibliotherapist Ella Berthoud say, “dem go give you di foto, but wit novel na you go create your own foto of wetin e look like, so di event go dey very powerful becos you get hand inside.”

Alex Wheatle, na successful writer wey as small pikin, im no find life easy at all, im agree wit Berthoud. Wen im dey live for orphanage for South London, im discover Mark Twain book Huckleberry Finn.

He say di experience wey im bin feel dat time bin dey powerful.

At least wen e reach 9 or 9:30pm, i fit hide under my blanket wit my small touch to read di book, and i go dey imagine say i dey float down di Mississippi river, dey see boats and i go make my own decision about wia i wan eat or rest.

To Find order inside di hustle of life

When your mind dey confused, di structure of novel fit bring order to your thinking

Wit di kain structure wey novel get, e fit also bring oda to mind wey dey disordered.

Jessie Burton – na writer of best selling novels The MiniaturistThe Muse and The Restless Girls – she say her favourite novel wey she dey read wen time hard na CJ Sansom’s Shardlake series of historical mysteries dem base am for Tudor England.

Wen her novel Miniaturist hammer di first time wey e come out, e cause her plenti tension, na Sansom she read to calm her.

You fit find peace for depression

Even if you dey for pit of depression, you go find comfort wen you read how odas take overcome dia own awahala – and e go give you hope too

Berthoud, Wheatle and Burton all agree say no be must say di novel must be happy one – in fact e fit dey depression in a good way.

Wheatle say wen in ey grow up im papa tell am about im life for Germany wen im small. Dat time one storyteller bin dey go from village to village, especially during di time of harvest, and dem go tell storyof slavery and so on.

Dis kain tori dey depressing, but e also tok about di struggle wey pipo don pass through.

Comfort dey for repetition

‘Bibliotherapist’ Ella Berthoud (for left), and ogbonge writer Jessie Burton and Alex Wheatle dey like to re-read novels

To read book wey you don first read before fit be therapy – e go allow you check ya sef in ways wey open ya eyes to some kain tins.

Berthoud say “di first tiem wey i read Thomas Hardy book Tess of the D’Urbervilles i bin dey 15 years, i really identify wit Tess. Di second time, 10 years later, i discover say her character really stress me – dem afta anoda 10 years, i begin dey understand some of her decisions again.”

“E get sometin about wen you read one book again and again for different time for you life wey make sense no be small – you go gatz understand yoursef beta because you visit different layers of your sef wey you neva see for many years like onions.”

Help young minds

Young pipo fit find books wey wey dey tok about topics wey dem no dey comfortable to tok about

Tink of young readers, ovel fit help tackle young pipo mental health problem wey different parts of di world don dey wori more and more about.

To escape na one tin, but more dan dat, now more and more young pipo novel fit help by talking about issues wey dem fit dey for dia evriday life, from bullying, to drugs to transgender mata and oda mata wey dey make dem feel like dem no belong.

Writing good for the soul too?

Writing fit turn your mind upside down

But even as reading get psychological benefit, what about writing?

Wheatle and Burton agree say di life of a writer be like bag wit different kains of tins inside unto how e dey affect di health mentally.

One one hand, e fit be wonderful way to process and empty emotional trauma – like Wheatle experience wen im write about im time of struggle.

On di oda hand, Burton say, “di actual writing go seriously separate you from pipo, and you go dey alone for weeks, months, years.”

But in di end, wen you see di impact wey di book get on di health of di pipo wey dey read am, dat na di very best tin for di writer happiness.

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