Edo House of Assembly crisis: Wetin fit make National take over State?

Di Constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria make provisions for how di National Assembly fit to take over di functions of any State Assembly for di kontri.

As di Nigeria Senate give one week ultimatum on Tuesday to Edo state govnor Godwin Obaseki, to give fresh proclamation for inauguration of Edo State Assembly or dem go take over function of di State House Assembly, e go pure to chook eye small for wetin fit make di kontri National Assembly to enta any state take over.

According to di section 11 (3) of di Nigeria Constitution, di National Assembly fit make laws for State Assembly if di kontri dey for war.

For section 11 (4), e say dem fit make laws wen di House Assembly no fit perform in function sake of di situation for di state – like katakata and war – den di National Assembly fit make law to promote peace and order for di state. E also add say, any law wey dem do, go get effect as if to say na di State Assembly do di law.

Oshoma Liborous na Nigerian constitutional lawyer, e say even as di law make provision for National Assembly to take over, no situation so far for Edo state warrant dem to give dat kain order to govnor Obaseki.

“Di only time wey National Assembly fit legislate na wen e dey obvious say di House no fit sit or dem get state of emergency for di state. Edo get state of emergency? Di ansa na No! Na true say di House of assembly no fit meet? Di ansa too na No!” na so e tok.

Tori be say di former govnor of Edo state Adams Oshiomole and di present govnor Godwin Obaseki dey qwanta ontop di issue

Condition for Edo House Assembly

Kasala burst for Edo State House of Assembly afta nine out of 24 members sideline 15 odas to elect Speaker plus oda principal officers for Edo State House of Assembly.

Di members wey dem sideline neva do dia inauguration sake of dem want make Obaseki give “proper” proclamation.

But oga Liborous say di first proclamation wey Obaseki bin give still cover all di remaining lawmakers wey no follow di nine odas do inauguration.

E say as National Assembly no get di pawa to ask for fresh proclamation and no court don give order to di govnor, di solution na make all di parties come togeda to tok and resolve di mata and not to force di govnor to give fresh resolution.

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