Hamza Bin Laden ‘die for air strike’

Hamza Bin Laden, di son of al-Qaeda founder Osama Bin Laden, die inside one air strike, US tori pipo dey report.

Di details about di place and date Hamza die no clear and Pentagon no chook mouth inside di tori.

Bin Laden wey sabi pipo tink say na like 30 years old, bin release audio and video messages wey call for attacks against America and oda kontries.

Recently for February, US goment offer $1m (£825,000) for informate wey go help dem capture am.

US media outlets including NBC News, the New York Times and CNN, report di tori wia dem quote US intelligence officials wey dem no call dia name.

Sabi pipo bin dey look Bin Laden as di new leader of al-Qaeda. Di reports say dem kill am inside one military operation wey happun in di last two years and di US goment get hand for di mata, but di exact date and time wen e happun no dey clear.

President Donald Trump no gree comment wen reporters question am on Wednesday, White House national security adviser, John Bolton too no tok pim.

Al-Qaeda too no confam di tori. According to tori, supporters of di Islamist militant group say dem dey wait official announcement from dia leaders.

Na two years ago America officially name Hamza Bin Laden terrorist, sabi pipo predict say e go take ova from im papa.

Na for 2011, US special forces kill im papa, Osama, inside one compound for Abbottabad, Pakistan. Na im approve di US attacks of September 11 2001, wey kill nearly 3,000 pipo.

Di US state department say documents wey dem seize for dat raid suggest say dem bin dey groom Hamza Bin Laden to take over di leadership of al-Qaeda.

Na on December 29, 1992, Al-Qaeda carry out dia first attack for Aden, Yemen, di 1992 Yemen Hotel Bombings. Dem bomb di Gold Mohur hotel, wia U.S. troops bin dey stay on dia way to Somalia, di troop bin don already comot before di bomb explode.

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