Medical Research: Women fit delay menopause for 20 years

Dis fit be good news for many women as one new medical operation don show wey fit make woman delay menopause reach up to 20 years.

IVF sabi pipo for Britain claim say dis operation fit benefit thousands of women wey dem experience health wahala like heart problem, weakness of di bone and oda tins wey menopause dey cause.

Dem also believe say di operation fit to benefit millions of women to delay di early sign of menopause like lack of sleep, low mood, night swear and low sex drive.

Dr. Simon Fishel, wey dey head di research say part of di process na to put di woman ovary for freezer.

Dr Fishel say, “wetin wey dey take na half or one third of one of di woman ovary, den we go divide am carefully into small small strip den we go keep am for very low temperature of about -150 degree centigrade and dem fit stay like dat for freezer for many many years.”

Dat ovary tissue fit produce hundreds of thousands of eggs and e no mata how long dem keep am, na so di doctor tok.

Di important part according to di doctor be say Di younger wey you dey do am, di more benefit wey you go get.

Di operation fit cost between £7,000 to £11,000 and di British medical authorities don give approval for am.

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